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Percussive repercussions

Coupla FB posts of passing interest to those cogniscenti who care enough to actually spell cogniscenti:

from Mr Delmar deWilde:



YO CHIEF! I do believe it's hi-time we write and render a tune dealing with the adventures of one's olfactory senses as they experience the many exotic tropical uploads that are to be encountered in the realm of DON TIKI. Best to be played/presented in the Durian mode, don't 'cha think? -EL DEL


and this exchange, bewtixt unworthy moi & wow covergirl Ms Lola:



you guys played without me!! waa waa waah!!! :...(

you was sposed to tell me so's I could have excuse to come home, remember??

kisses anyway
sad lola




The peripatetic, prodigal, and punctilitudinous practitioner Delmar, etc

Yesterday, having demonstrated the Secret of Perfect Guitar Stringing to the immense satisfaction of intrepid filmmaker and kosherini extraordinaire Daniel Z; re-electrified a recalcitrant Toaster so as to enhance future yummalicious brekkys to be concocted by the gorgeous Jen, honi of our drummer Jason Segler (aka, ever since the Berlin gig, Hugh Hefeweizen); and solved in his ultra-McGiverish fashion The Mystery of Perryʻs Missing Sunglasses, Mr Delmar DeWilde has regretfully departed our palm-festooned island, reluctantly returning to his West Coast eyrie on the bluffs of the windblown Oregon Pacific.  

Delmar was visiting our tropic digs because The Don had been engaged to do the musical honors at what will no doubt prove to be Waikikiʻs most notorious wedding of 2009: the conjoining of two major local luminaries both Upstanding and Formidable -- Mr Dennis Christianson and Ms Kim Porter.  The amalgamation and talent-combining of these two Irresistable Forces bode well for our island culture in general, and ill for those who dare rival their collective mana.  Best of the future to yez, from the depths of Perryʻs large heart.

The festivities also marked the occasion for welcoming the latest Tikiette on board, the flexibly alluring dancer Nalani, who choreographically threatened Delmar with well-timed wiggles and jabs of the Natives-Are-Restless spear, showing just the proper amount of sultry sangfroid.   Our chanteuse sensation Starr made her sophomore appearance with the troupe, crooning a bunch of our vocal repertoire at the early going, doing full justice to the likes of "Bla Bla Cha Cha" and "An Occasional Man" during our show portion, and, for those nightowls who stayed awake and caffeinated for the dance (or Don Tikiʻs Inferno) portion of our performance, topping it all off with spirited renditions of such songs as "Come Together" and "Chain Of Fools." (With customary vigor, Delmar, of course, served his unique and eclectic mix of danceables, ranging from screaming Devo ditty "Uncontrollable Urge" to 50ʻs staple "Tossinʻ And Turninʻ.")  Good, good fun.

Aloha, Perry


Hoh, yet anodda blog inaugural

As yet another spicy full moon rises over tranquil Pookapooka Bay, our purloined moai reflects on the course of an eventful day/year/millenium.  Actually, just a few moments ago, if only our stone man were illustrated in a video clip instead of this lovely scenic, you who may have goofed upon this page would have seen the sacred conch-shell joyously rise to his lips, sounding the riff that welcomes this inaugural message into a scarcely comprehending world, to wit:  

Hear yez, hear yez, all ye genuine Don Tiki alumnae/alumni, active or emeritus! Yʻall hereby are invited to set your own verbosities down in the permanent record of these spaces, of whatever topic so moves you.  For indeed, you are all the very most intriguing of Earth people: your administrator has no doubt of the compelling interest inherent in your merest and randomest manaʻo.  Any kine, any kine.

In good time, the magic open-sesames will be dispensed to one and all qualifiers, as our hard-laboring webmaster-merlin decocts and debugs.  Patience, me hearties, our bloggy journey of Paradisical Piracy has Officially Set Sail.  Of course, for those non-Dons who opt to follow and ruminate on such matters as are posted herein, please do avail your awesome selves of the comments section.  

Odda den dat, ovah anʻ out.



Don Tiki delves deep into uncharted territories...

Don Tiki - the keepers of the exotica flame, unleashes "South of the Boudoir." Years in the making with a cast of thousands, the new album features 16 fresh tracks and over 70 minutes of lush, seductive melodies.

Drawing inspiration from original exotica masters Marty, Arty and Les (Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter), Don Tiki boldly moves this evocative genre of music into the 21stcentury.

Here on their "Friendly Islands," you will meet "Billions of Brazilians" ... or find yourself "In Thailand," where the temptations prove to be too much for mere mortals ...

The cares of the world slip blissfully away with one sweet taste of "Turkish Delight" in Don Tiki's secret Bedouin Bar where you'll be nursing your mug of "Pagan Lust" reflectively, when all at once ...

The next thing you know, you're "Pussyfooting" into a certain "Chinatown Bar" for even more delightful delusions of sensual satisfaction.

Slip into the "Rapture of the Deep," as you venture "South Of The Boudoir."

Visit the record page...


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