South Seas fantasies beckon with the neo-exotica group, Don Tiki. They draw inspiration from the original Mid-Century masters of the exotica sound, Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman and Les Baxter and bring their evocative music into the 21st Century. In fact, Denny gave the band his seal of approval when he played on two tracks on their 1997 debut album, The Forbidden Sounds of Don Tiki. Further deepening Don Tiki’s authenticity is its percussionist and bird caller, Lopaka Colon, son of Augie Colon, who had the same role in Denny’s band.

Don Tiki is a creative collaboration of Lloyd “Fluid Floyd” Kandell and Kit “Perry Coma” Ebersbach. The band features Hawaii's top musicians with cumulative experience ranging from jazz fusion to world beat to the Honolulu Symphony to Waikiki Showrooms.

Don Tiki is:

Kit Ebersbach – keyboards, band leader
Lopaka Colon - congas, bongo, bird calls
Hai Jung - bass, vocals
Sherry Shaoling – vocals, dancer
Abe Lagrimas, Jr. – vibraphone, percussion
Ryoko Oka - keyboards
Bonny B. - drums
Tim Mayer – reeds
Violetta Beretta – dancer, costumer, vocals
Lloyd Kandell – producer, congenial host

Distinguished Don Tiki Alumnae/Alumni:

Bass - Dean Taba, Miles Jackson, Steve Jones, Jon Hawes
Reeds - Aron Aronita, Rockford Holmes, Jim Howard, Emmett Yoshioka, Tim Tsukiyama
Harp - Sharene Lum
Keyboards - Judy Yoshioka, Jeannette Trevias, Jacob Kohler, Eileen Uchima
Percussion - Carlinhos de Oliveira, Fred Alcain,  James Ganeko, Stacy Tangonan, Salaam Tillman, Mike Muldoon
Vibes - Noel Okimoto, Bill Wiley, Francis Ho Ľokano
Vocals - Anita Hall, Rachel Gonzales, Imelda, Aaron Sala
Choreography + Costumes – Tunui Tully 
Dancers - Alaana Singh, Capella Williams, Carissa Coleman, Lokelani Tully, Shylenn Hall, Tunui Tully, Willow Chang, Julie De Mello, Kahi De La Cruz, Peka Ibana,  Michelle Izawa, Summer Jensen,  Emi Hart, Pam Sandridge, Kamakoa Page, Nalani, Sky Perkins, Celeste Akeo
Video - Neal Izumi, Keith Kandell, Malcolm Mekaru, George Russell, Denise Van Ryzen

Extraordinary Special Guest Performers:

Sam Ahia - guitar
Martin Denny - piano
Harold Chang - drums
Augie Colon - percussion, bird calls
Teresa Bright - vocals
Jimmy Borges - vocals
Buddy Fo - vocals, percussion
Sammy Fo - dancer
Chant  - vocal group
Jojo Ocampo - tango dancer 
Frank Q. Orrall - percussion
Henry Kapono - vocals
Ho Ľokena - vocal group
Mihana Souza - vocals
Jake Shimabukuro - ukulele
Smilin' Ben Vegas - vocals, guitar

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