Perry Coma did the whole thang, with the invaluable aid of the following synths: Korg Wavestation, Swar Systems Swarplug, Native Instruments FM7 and Battery, Expert Sleepers Minky Starshine, Roland JV2080, UI Systems Metasynth (the bubbly and grindy sounds); Perry also played "live" Chinese tomtoms purchased from Mr Wongʻs tailor shop in Chinatown.

Vocal track is excerpted from my scratchy copy of an LP entitled The Perfumed Garden, a recording of Hindi poetry recitation, with Chiitra Neogy expertly storytelling.  Those guys evidently permit a much more fanciful poetic tradition over there, more than the one I grew up with, that birthed, say, Invictus.  Their kids must really listen rapt at the bardʻs knee, I would wager. 

Although in this case we had a bit more documentation, still we were unable to forge any contact with current responsible parties for this gem of an LP.  So -- Chiitra, Pulsar Records late of 8467 Beverly Blvd., or other caretaker -- please reach out and tap us.  We await your (hopefully not nasty) call....