Noel Okimoto on naal, chinese tomtom, and vibes; Dean Taba on bass; Carlinhos DeOliveira on pandeiro, cuica, udu, caxixi, and chimta; Lopaka Colon on bongo and dumbek; Perry Coma on piano, synth mute guitar, and sampled ʻiliʻili, kalaʻau, kaʻekeʻeke, patwaing, and pattalar.

The title is the haʻole name for jan-ken-po, the clever Chinese 3-man selection game.  It refers as well to the time signature of the songʻs finale.

Noel jams on a naal: a drum from India with two heads, capable of a variety of percussive sounds similar to a tabla.  

I played my own samplings of traditional Hawaiian percussion, as well as some of Don Tikiʻs newer and more visually spectacular instruments, which we smuggled in at great risk and cost from the rotting quays of the Ancient and Forbidden Kingdom of the South Orient.  Weʻll save the actual playing of these instruments for our most elaborate shows, forcing our capable percussionists to exercise new muscles learning new, subtle musical skills.